Blowfish tequila redefines tequila with the smoothest taste and a revolutionary approach to reduce hangovers. Our commitment to fun is serious, ensuring each sip is an unforgettable moment without the post-party aftermath. Join us in raising a glass to tradition, innovation, and the endless possibilities of a hangover-tamed celebration.

Blowfish Tequila proudly clinches the prestigious 1st Place Platinum Award for the esteemed ‘Brand of Promise’ Bottle of the Year in Packaging for 2022, and the distinguished Bronze Award for its Añejo expression in the celebrated ‘Brand of Promise’ category for 2022, as conferred by the renowned Tequila Aficionado Media & Tequila Aficionado Magazine!

At the 2021 San Diego Spirits Festival, Blowfish Tequila excelled, securing Silver Medals for Añejo, Blanco, and Reposado expressions. We also celebrated Gold wins for Extra Añejo, Reposado Bottle & Design, Blanco Bottle & Design, and both Extra Añejo and Añejo Bottle & Design. A true mark of our dedication to quality!

Our ProcessCombining the perfect combination of science and art we take our Tequila very seriously. Blowfish Tequila has won multiple gold medals and our meticulous attention to detail is why. We are proud to offer the Best Tequila around-anywhere.

Our Story

Our story is very simple. What describes us best is Love Inspired. Our premium Tequilas were developed by the Brown family, all of our family members had a say in the details of our award-winning bottle design and the processes in which we developed the most premium Tequila available. We are all about family and friends – loyalty and commitment. We believe this so much that when we created our brand we added hearts to our designs, they are there, you have to find them.





Meaning Behind the Heart

You’ve likely already noticed the heart woven into our website design. This heart is incredibly important to our family business, because it represents what truly inspires us.
if people are lucky, once in a lifetime, they come across a love so special that it impacts every facet of their lives. In our case, that is the love of our wife and mother, Karen Lynn Brown. Karen made everyone she met feel the warmth of her love and acceptance–around her, everyone was free to be their most authentic self.
Karen exemplified the ripple effect that love can have. She strengthened our family by constantly pouring love and care into it. Likewise, we have followed her example and crafted the finest-quality tequila by loving what we do, and caring about every detail that comes up along the way.
We are privileged to have known her and hope to share that feeling with you, our customer, through our handcrafted tequila.